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Whether securing hard-to-place financing or refinancing your home Canadian Financial Solutions offers a wide assortment of financial tools to help you.

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Canadian Financial Solutions offers a wide range of services:

Second Mortgages

Borrow equity from your home and use the money towards a bigger purchase you couldn’t afford otherwise or cash out, consolidation of debt, etc. Learn More.

Debt Solutions

Debt reduction system that allows you, our clients, to combine all your unsecured debts into one low-cost monthly payment. Instead of sending out payments on six or seven banks and store credit cards, you would simply make one low monthly payment. Learn More

Credit Solutions

Whether you have little or no credit, we help get you back on the right track with our proven solutions. Learn More

Home Equity Loan

Looking for flexibility and minimum restrictions, a line of credit is the answer. Learn More

Power Of Sale & Foreclosure

Missing mortgage payments can be crucial to the ownership of your home. Mortgage payments are expected to be made on time and failure to do so can lead to major financial consequences for the borrower. Learn More

Lending Opportunities

The private mortgage market in Canada can be a safe and lucrative investment opportunity. Unlike our American counterparts, Canadian investors are vastly more protected and insulated from default. Learn More

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The first step is to contact us so that we can review your current situation and help create a plan that will give you maximum results at a minimum cost. Simply click the button below.

Why Choose Us

Canadian Financial Solutions offers a strong team of committed, well-educated, experienced, and motivated Financial Specialists.

Our objective is to guide our clients, no matter where the starting point may be, to achieve their goals moving forward. First, we will spend time getting to know you with an emphasis on both your short-term and your long-term goals and dreams. With this information in mind, we will layout a blueprint of easy-to-follow steps to achieve these goals and we will stand by you throughout the process.

We are proud to serve Canadians from all walks of life and from coast to coast.


Closing the deal quick and efficient


Stand by you throughout the process


Your best interests at heart


Experience and expertise




Compretitive rates


Our mission is to help our clients obtain hard-to-place mortgages that have been rejected by the banks and fix their financial struggles. Regardless of the client’s situation, we want to make sure that we have a solution that not only puts a bandage on the wound, but it closes it.


Our vision is to be recognized as an only and trustworthy source when clients consider mortgage services. 


Satisfaction: Completing the deal in the best timely manner and surpassing the client’s expectations is part of our satisfaction value.

Honesty: Making sure that we’re being upfront with every client.

Security: Staying by our client-side until the deal is closed and provide security as well as comfort

Referral: The best way to reward our services is through a referral from a satisfied client.



Increasing Your Home Value Through Renovations

Increasing Your Home Value Through Renovations

Renovating your home is a proven strategy that adds and increases the value of your home. It’s always a good idea to renovate and upgrade your home if you’re looking to sell. Before getting into the renovation process, analyze the major issues with the house and what makes sense to renovate.

Bad Credit Mortgages Explained

Bad Credit Mortgages Explained

Bad credit mortgages are a better solution for those with not so good credit and turned around by the bank. Bad credit means a significant factor is affecting your credit score. Factors such as bankruptcy, collections, consumer proposal can drastically affect your credit score negatively. Credit scores can range from 300 to 900.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of a Mortgage Broker/Agent?

A mortgage agent/broker will help you acquire the best mortgage product to fit your borrowing needs. We want to save you money and get you the money you need. All of our agents and brokers are licensed professionals with access to many lenders ready to benefit by putting their money to work for you.


I have bad credit, can I still get a mortgage?

Even with bad credit but with equity in your property we can get you approved for mortgage financing.


How does bankruptcy affect my qualifications?

If you own a house and do have equity, we can get your home refinanced for you, even if you are not a discharged bankrupt.


Who do I contact for Information and Questions?

Please call 1 (888) 704-1255, will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What Our Clients Say

"It needs to be said that this was a new experience for us so we were quit apprehensive about the whole experience. But Gin was there for us every step of the way. Her Professionalism and dedication to helping us was above and beyond any customer service we've ever experienced. She answered calls and texts morning, noon and night and didn't hesitate to reach out to partners to make sure we were on the right path even after the deal is done she still is guiding us back to be in a better financial situation. We much appreciate what you have done and continue to do for us."

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